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Cold Storage

Arctic Express is a cold storage warehouse dedicated to bring, “Cost-effective logistic solutions” to the frozen and refrigerated food industry. Giving their customers a competitive edge they need in the “Ever-changing business environment”.


Consolidation and distribution of cartons direct to retail outlets, independent supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and a full range of other route destinations. This service will be managed by an industry leading TMS (Transport Management System). This will interface with our WMS to efficiently and accurately manage your total temperature controlled requirements.

Courier Services

How much time and money are you really spending managing your fleet?

Dealing with human resources logistics is a delicate and time consuming exercise. Searching for and training the perfect recruit, complying with PAYG obligations, juggling staff holidays and sick leave can easily transform into a logistical nightmare.

Let’s not forget the costs associated with vehicle depreciation, maintenance, registration and running costs, superannuation, insurance, payroll tax and mobile phone bills.

Do you honestly need the burden?

Why not outsource this logistical nightmare so you can get on with growing your business. We really do provide you with everything you need. From highly trained drivers (including relief drivers to cover holidays and unexpected sick leave) and modern fully tracked vehicles, to the use of our leading edge technology so you’re in full control of the delivery process. You can hand over the entire fleet management with 100% confidence.

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